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Amazon MAP Enforcement - A Brand Protection Service Can Help Your Amazon Business

Posted by Amazzia on Jun 27, 2018 1:14:05 PM

Amazon MAP EnforcementIt is a thrill when customers buy your products from your Amazon store.  It is less thrilling when they buy your products from third-party sellers.  It is downright infuriating, however, when unauthorized third-party sellers distribute your products and undercut you on prices.  Amazon’s policies aim to prevent this problem, but sometimes sneaky third-party sellers can get around them.  Sometimes the best solution is to take Amazon MAP enforcement into your own hands by investing in a brand protection program.

Entrust MAP Enforcement to the Experts

Making sure that your customers receive their orders on time and are satisfied with the products is a full-time job.  You, as a brand owner, don’t have time to worry about what other sellers are doing.  Amazon itself offers you several protections.  You can specify which third-party sellers have your permission to resell your brand’s products.  Even if you do not do this, you can still set the minimum advertised price (MAP).

You can report third-party sellers to Amazon if they violate these rules.  It is time-consuming, though, and your time is better spent investing in your own brand.  A brand protection service like the one offered by Amazzia can help prevent and remedy violations by third-party sellers.

Brand Protection and More

Brand protection is just one way to support the success of your Amazon brand.  Optimizing the user’s experience on your product’s Amazon page can also boost sales and conversion rate.  The best person for these jobs is an expert in the workings of Amazon stores.  Your efforts are best focused on the things that make your brand unique.

Amazzia offers brand protection that can help with Amazon MAP enforcement.  Visit Amazzia to find out more about brand protection and other Amazon marketing services.


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