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Why You Should Protect Your Brand From The Start

Posted by Amazzia on Jul 26, 2018 3:35:29 PM

amazon brand protectionIn today’s highly competitive market, protecting your brand can be the difference between success and failure. This is especially true for online marketplaces like Amazon, where your brand is particularly vulnerable. Here are a few reasons to work with an Amazon brand protection specialist to safeguard your brand:


New brands are particularly vulnerable to copycats who take advantage of quality marketing from unprotected brands. Copycats aren’t new and even some of the most popular brands fall prey to knockoffs. With major brands, consumers can easily tell the difference and understand that they are purchasing a modified copy.

For new brands, however, copycats present a more serious problem simply because the public has not learned to recognize the difference between your brand and a fake. If a copycat manages to hijack your brand likeness and produces poor quality products, your brand’s reputation will suffer as well.

Avoid Sneaky Third-Party Resellers

While working with third-party resellers can be beneficial to your brand, you should choose your third-parties carefully. Unfortunately, some third-party resellers lack integrity and will resell your products without your permission. If a customer has a bad experience with a third-party reseller, they are likely to associate that experience with your brand, which will negatively affect your brand’s credibility.

MAP Protection

Third-party resellers can take advantage of an unprotected product by buying and reselling them for either much more or much less than your minimum advertised price. If they are selling for more, they essentially profit from your work. If they are selling for less, you face an even bigger problem. Because the average consumer is always looking for the lowest price, you will lose customers to that third-party reseller and may be unable to recoup your production costs.

New brands are particularly vulnerable to unethical third-parties and copycats. Fortunately, working with an Amazon brand protection specialist from Amazzia will help ensure that your brand can be protected. Check out Amazzia today to make the right choice for your brand.


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